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Junichi Suzuki's Japanese American World War II Documentaries:
May 19 (Little Tokyo), May 28(Torrance), June 2 & 3(Irvine) and June 9(San Diego)

Presented by United Television Broadcasting Systems.
Director Junichi Suzuki of “442 – Live with Honor, Die with Dignity (2010) & TOYO’S CAMERA (2008)” will be in attendance at all screenings.

MIS - Human Secret Weapon
James Armstrong Theatre (Show time must be specified)
Monday, May 28, 11:00AM-, 1:40PM-, 4:20PM-, 7:00PM-

Woodbridge Movie 5 (First come, First Served)
Saturday, June 2, 11:00AM-, 2:00PM-, 5:00PM-
Sunday, June 3, 11:00AM-, 2:00PM-, 5:00PM-

Gaslamp 15 (First come, First Served)
Saturday, June 9, 11:00AM-, 1:40PM-, 4:20PM-, 7:00PM-

Japan and US. 2012. 100 min. Documentary. B&W, Color. In English with Japanese subtitles. Directed by Junichi Suzuki.

Presented by United Television Broadcasting Systems. 

During World War II, the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) was secretly formed by the U.S. Army, and was mostly comprised of "Nisei" ("second generation") Japanese American men. They had pledged absolute allegiance to the United States at a time when most Japanese Americans were facing social and political inequalities. Braving the many prejudices against them, "Nisei" soldiers of MIS had to fight against Japan, their parents’ homeland, and proved their patriotism to the country that had placed their families in internment camps. During WWII, the MIS was successful in persuading the surrender of Japanese troops and helping many civilians avoid the path of suicide that they would have otherwise taken. They would go on to play a crucial role in expediting Japan’s recovery following Japan’s formal surrender in 1945. There were about 3000 MIS soldiers during the war and another 3000 who served during the occupation of Japan. Despite their contributions and achievements during the war, information regarding the MIS remained top secret and was long classified by the government.


Advance ticket: $10
General: $13
* First Come, First Served: Nishi Hongwanji(Little Tokyo), Woodbridge Movie 5(Irvine) & Gaslamp 15(San Diego)
* Show time must be specified for the screenings at James Armstrong Theatre.

• All American Tickets
• Asahiya Bookstore Gardena
• Asahiya Bookstore Sawtelle
• Asahiya Bookstore Torrance
• Books & Café (inside Mitsuwa Market Santa Monica)
• Kinokuniya Bookstore Costa Mesa
• Kinokuniya Bookstore Little Tokyo
• Sanseido Bookstore Costa Mesa
• Sanseido Bookstore San Diego
• Sanseido Bookstore Torrance

Director Junichi Suzuki will be in attendance at all screenings.

Junichi Suzuki, a Tokyo University graduate and 30-year veteran of the film industry with numerous credits in directing, producing and screenwriting, has created works of both fiction and documentary. After working with directors like Kon Ichikawa and Tatsumi Kumashiro as an assistant director at Nikkatsu, Suzuki went on to become a contract director at the studio. From the early 90s to 2000 Suzuki worked in film production education and programming in New York City, China and Indonesia before becoming an instructor at Rikkyou University and Tokyou Kogei, all while continuing to create original films. He is currently working in Los Angeles.