About Little Tokyo Community Advocacy

Understanding the Little Tokyo is the center of Japanese American history, culture and community for Japanese Americans, advocacy to build a vibrant community has emerged in the form of several different policy initiatives. Much of this work is done in coalition with other Little Tokyo stakeholders, community organizations, and via the Little Tokyo Community Council (such as through the Transit Committee and the Planning and Cultural Preservation Committee).

JACL Pacific Southwest District advocates to build vibrant Little Tokyo for all generations and communities. Our District advocates on a number of issues including the Los Angeles Metro Regional Connector, California High Speed Rail as well as many other relevant issues with community development and preservation of historic sites.


What are the Major Issues Affecting Little Tokyo?

JACL and the Little Tokyo community have been working on two major projects throughout 2010 and 2011 both involving public transportation.

The Metro Regional Connector emerged as a major focus area when MTA proposed to build a connecting rail line through the heart of Little Tokyo. JACL has worked in insure that the voice of LIttle Tokyo community stakeholders is heard.

High Speed Rail emerged as a major focus area after the passage of a California Proposition brought the idea of a rail line from San Diego, to Anaheim, to Los Angeles, to San Francisco to a reality.

JACL also works on a number of other development, government and community building issues that affect the Little Tokyo Community.